22 July 2013

Counting Down The Days

Some of my favorite lists to make are countdown lists. From something as simple as "2 days to the weekend" to "214 days to vacation!"(I seriously did that before I went to Atlantis). I'm a countdown-er. As well as a worms maker upper now apparently. But really, I countdown everything, I'm fairly certain it's a trait that I got from my mom…
see? proof.

Recently I realized how often I do that, and since I live paycheck to paycheck pretty much (thank you college payments…) I've been counting down to the next one all summer long. Which means I have been wishing away my 2nd to last "summer vacation" EVER! And that makes for a very sad Ali.

I've never really been able to appreciate the moment and it's something I'm really trying to work on. 2012 and so far 2013 too have been years of big change and some hard times for me so I'm really trying to figure out how to be happy in the present and not be constantly looking forward to the next thing. One of my biggest regrets is not spending more time with Sydne before I lost her last year. She's the reason why I realized that I truly need to appreciate life.

Since I turned 20 this year, my countdown problem also fueled my "quarter-life crisis."  I'm so afraid of wishing away the end of my youth and carefree days. During the school year especially I'm always pushing for the next 3 day weekend of break because of how much stress my work causes. I forget to appreciate how great of an experience college is outside of the homework and the exams.

So this post is where I'm holding myself to this. I need to appreciate today, right now while I'm living it & not in 10 years when I'm looking back at pictures of these moments.

Also, today is my parents 24th wedding anniversary!! I hope that me and whoever I marry someday can make such a happy life as my parents have.

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