12 July 2013

Pinterest: Am I Doing It Wrong?

I love everything social media.
Twitter- that's my shit (except for the time I deleted it all last summer).
I still don't hate Facebook even though most people seem to be leaving it (where else can I look back at my HS freshman self and cry laugh from embarrassment?)
Instagram- I have to actively stop myself from posting too many pictures.
I haven't totally jumped on the vine train yet, I'm never ready to record the funny parts of my life.
So my love for social media is why I got this blog. YAY!

But my biggest downfall is Pinterest…

I myself don't even understand it. Being the self proclaimed sap that I am… I should love it, but I don't. I can plan my future wedding by stealing ideas from all the pretty pictures posted. I can re-pin (<-- is that what it's called?) adorable animals for hours. I can look up craft ideas for my future grand-little. I'm looking at you little mermaid. I can find DIY projects for around the house. I can find a quote for any occasion. I can find any dessert to bake that my hungry tummy desires. Work out ideas galore. All with just one website and a search bar. ALL OF THIS IS SO ME. It should be my calling right? Wrong.

Most other girls I know love this crap, they are always on Pinterest. I hear, "I found this awesome recipe on Pinterest, it came out so good!" "Look at this idea for my little that I saw from the Chi O board on Pinterest!"You get my drift right?

So I made one. I enjoyed it for a few minutes. I made my boards. I pinned some stuff. But then I was over it. I missed the fairy who blessed every other girl with her magical Pinterest loving dust. Don't get me wrong when I got my little I scoured Pinterest for crafting ideas and it was pure gold. But other than that, I get bored looking at Pinterest in 30 seconds flat. Maybe it's cause I suck at organizing myself on it. Maybe it's because I can't really have anything that's on my screen. It's all my wishes. And I hate that.

I am an instant gratification kinda gal. If I want something I go and get it. Can I have those abs from that 10 step work out in a half hour? Can you mail me those beautiful cookies I see right there? If not, I don't want to stare at it wishing it was in my mouth. I get it, it's for future reference.. I can go and bake them... yada yada yada... too bad.

I guess I should be happy, I far from need another social network to obsess over. Am I the only one like this? Is there any social media or websites in general that you just don't get?

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