26 July 2014

That time I fell in love with a fictional character

This is truly not that uncommon for me, actually. I love losing myself in a good book. But this was different...

Augustus Waters, if you're a female, who pays any attention to YA Novels, current chick flicks or popular media at the moment I'm sure you've heard of him. But if you haven't he's the male character lead in 2014's biggest romance movie: The Fault in Our Stars, adapted from John Green's YA novel by the same name.

I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't the novels biggest fan and it took me more than a month after the movie came out to go see it. You see, I had heard all about this book, TFIOS, and how absolutely incredible and life-changing it was before I got around to reading it. So, when I did get around to reading it.... whomp, whomp, whomp... I was underwhelmed to say the least.

Example A:

This was incredibly surprising to me due to my love of anything romantic, and how sappy I am. It was a moving book about two star-crossed lovers, and I was so disappointed. I think that had I read the book before I heard all about it, I would have liked it a lot more.

So then, when it's announced that the movie is going to come out and all of the @commonwhitegirl twitters are tweeting up a storm about how perfect Augustus is, I'm all eye-rolls. I can't wait to stop hearing about this book that I didn't even slightly enjoy.

Example B:
I guess I was really annoyed huh? Oops

Finally, this movie comes out and it starts finally not being the only thing I hear about in relation to books/movies. My little sister hasn't it yet though, so she asks if I'll go with her, and I figure why not give it another shot. This was earlier this week. And what do you know, I loved the movie, I thought it was fantastic. I laughed, I cried, I cried again, I laughed, and I couldn't hold in the tears.... and I fell in love. Granted, I've fallen in love with fictional characters before, many a time actually, but Augustus Waters was different. Not to mention the Ansel Elgort, the actor, isn't half bad either. Augustus Waters was quirky, nerdy, adorable, dedicated, eloquent, light-hearted, and ever-positive (and not a bad tush!). He was the perfect combination of dorky and sexy, and I ate it up. If he was a real person, and had not ***SPOILERS*** died of cancer, I'd be smitten. Honestly, I still am. He makes metaphors about cigarettes and calls Hazel by her full name and offered to write her a sequel to her favorite novel, and took her to Amsterdam to find out the ending of said novel, I'm in love.


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