18 July 2014

2014: A Year for Change

I think that you can guess, as per the title, that 2014, has been a big year for me. Last summer, I started this blog, and I sort of kept up with it (AKA I did not really keep up with it, I blogged when I was bored and remembered to...). When I did stay on top of it, I loved it, it's your own personal outlet for anything in life. Most of the fall, though, I ignored it and didn't use it again until I went to Australia in January. And guess what... I only kept up with it for half the time I was there! Obviously, I am not good at sticking with things. But, I think blogging is something that's worth sticking with, so here I am, trying again. I tried out Wordpress, but for right now I think Blogger is fine for me. (Unfortunately, I still hate that every time I try to login, I'm intercepted and sent to my UMail- darn you UMass Email and Gmail combining...).

Mostly, I decided to return to blogging because I love reading about the lives of the bloggie people I follow. It's like reading a book, which I love to do (bookworms unite), but it's about someones real life. Blogs have helped to: inspire me, teach me lessons, make me laugh, opened my eyes to new viewpoints, realize I am not a cook, and find new and unique products and ideas for all walks of life. I also feel a little stalker-ish, but hey what are ya gonna do?

This year, I've really learned to love myself, and I am leagues more confident than I've ever been before in my life. I'm comfortable in my own skin, and not worried about where life is going to take me, because I am so lucky to have the experiences I've had so far and I'm looking forward to anything and everything about my future. I refuse to be complacent though, this summer I vowed to better myself, and in that I've included exercise, food habits, learning, and time for myself, among others- because I'm still figuring it all out. And mostly, I'm going to stick with this blog... thanks for coming!


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