24 March 2014

Born in the USA

I've noticed throughout my time here in Australia lots of things I've been missing from home. Some are super obvious and others I wouldn't have guessed would cross my mind while I've been here. Mostly, being here has made me realize that I cherish and love that I'm an American and can't imagine living anywhere else for the duration of my life! I've loved every second of being in Australia, but I know the US is my home and I'll never want to live anywhere else. So, these are what I can't wait to return to in a month:


This nug... I knew I'd miss him, but with the amount of dogs roaming everywhere here I miss him even more! He's my best friend and therapist and I wish I could have him exploring this beautiful country with me! He'd love all the walks he'd get since dogs appear to go everywhere here.

My family

Another obvious one, but a lot of the other students on this program have their parents or siblings or other family members visiting them and I wish mine were here! I wish they could come explore here too, because it is such a beautiful place and I know my mom would love to escape the NE winter!


Obvious answer number 3, I know. We knew distance would be hard, but this was very different than the distance between school and home. The time difference makes it difficult to have time to talk when theres only a limited number of hours we're both awake each day, not to mention we're both busy with our own lives. Stephen is also fish obsessed, so I know he's crazy with jealousy since I dived the Great Barrier Reef, oops! It would be really nice to have him here to do some of the wonderful opportunities offered here together!

Fried Friday

And other home cooked meals. What I wouldn't give to have Patrick here to cook lunch and dinner 5 days a week, because living off pasta is getting real old. Having oodles of delicious fried food like mac and cheese bites, mozzarella sticks, tots, etc would make my life on those mornings I wake up feeling not so hot. Besides Fried Friday I just miss American food in general, the groceries here look like second rate American products and I just don't like it. I really should have used this time to figure out how to cook better, but who wants to waste their money on groceries when I could waste it on fun things!?

Friday BrideDay

I see a trend here... I really miss Friday's. Alright, I know I'm a weirdo for this, but it was my favorite day of the week for a reason. If you know me, you know I love weddings, and babies and romance and all that ooey, gooey stuff so it's been no fun being unable to binge watch wedding shows all day on Friday! Every Friday I get all excited because I get home from a long day of interning 7-7 and all I want is to hang out with my man Randy and some beautiful wedding dresses and I can't do that here!

Reliable WIFI

The internet here is not nearly as good, fast, or reliable as American internet. I don't think I will ever complain about the connection at 47 Olympia ever again in my life after dealing with it here. (Okay, maybe I will, but sometimes it's really bad...). That and data is super expensive to have on your phone and that's not what I want to be spending my money on so I'm stuck with dealing with pretty bad WIFI and the inability to use google maps when I get lost.

My Sisters

I get such FOMO being here when I see all my Iota Beta sisters having a blast on snow days, and spring break and the like together. Not to say I'm not enjoying my time here, but they're some of my best friends and I can't wait to see them again. I'm especially sad I'm missing Greek Week since it's like Nickelodeon themed shows from the 90s, come on! I know they'll kill it, though, and luckily, I do get to see them for a little bit at the end of the semester!

Whenever something funny or goofy happens I just wanna tell Tara and Kelsey everything. We always laugh and have a great time together and we've known each other for so long, I know we'll always be close. They got me some great going away stuff even if they can't spell sorority...! Can't wait to spend my summer with them and hear all about their crazy semesters.

Dunkin Donuts / American Coffee

This must be the NE girl in me but I miss my DD coffee. They have Starbucks here, but I've never been a huge Starbucks fan, so it doesn't matter much to me. Australian coffee isn't the same as American, so I've just pretty much steered clear of coffee since I've been here so that I don't mess up ordering it.


I really miss being able to just plug a charger into an outlet and that's that. Now whenever I charge things I need an adaptor, a converter and then finally the charger before I can hook it to anything. Way too much for me to have to carry around!

Sports I Understand

Rugby, Australian Football and Cricket are huge here and I don't understand a single one of them. We learned about cricket in one of my classes and it just seemed like a lot of rules for not a lot of results, the games can last 5 days for pete's sake! Don't even get me started on rugby, footy, etc, I can't even tell the difference. I could spend more time trying to figure it out, but I'd rather stick to my American Baseball and Football

I feel like I should say Netflix since you can't use it here in Australia, but I don't have Netflix so I don't miss it, oops! None of this is to say I am in any way unhappy with my experience here, I'm absolutely loving it, just sometimes get a little homesick!

Cheers Mates!!

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