04 March 2014

Boats & Bridges

The weeks are really starting to fly by as I realize that I have less and less time here. I had to say good-bye to my Hong-Kong classmate at the clinic, last week, and couldn't believe how fast his five-weeks went by.  This week is my last week with my Norwegian classmate because next week I'm heading to the Great Barrier Reef and couldn't be more excited!! Although, it sucks to already have to say good-bye to another friend.

Anyways, last week, I went to another footy game for field coverage through my internship and I have never ever ever in my life felt so confused. There was no scoreboard, so I never knew the score and I could never understand why sometimes things counted as a score and other times they didn't, oops! Luckily, there were no injuries so I could just sit back and relax while I tried to figure out the game. During the game, I noticed that High School rivalries are a little bit different here than back in America (from my experience). Predominantly because, from my high school experiences, the two team's fans are usually attacking the other team or players with insults or taunts, whereas here, both sides are just as passionate as in the US, but the fans are not attacking the other fans or players. Instead they are cheering for their own team and keeping up their own teams spirits with encouragement and support. Rather than hearing how ugly or bad the other teams players were, I just heard chants of positiveness for the players. Of course there were a couple "scoreboard" chants (ironic in the fact that there was no physical scoreboard), but the game appeared much more respectful than any championship US HS game I've ever seen. It was definitely different.

Roommates on the boat!

Later that night myself, and some of the CAPA group did the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb, and it was awesome. We had a really good climb guide who told us all about Australia and the Sydney area, not to mention the views were absolutely incredible from the top. We also got to wear some pretty good looking suits (see below).

Killer Suits & View

Friday, I interned until about five and got home, and headed back out to the Sydney Harbor to celebrate some 21st birthdays! Both of them were incredibly surprised and seemed to have an awesome night. We booked a boat cruise around the harbor for 3 hours, and it was a ton of fun. When we got back it was still early so some of us headed to another bar afterwards. It was kind of underground and seemed like a jazz club with the music and drinks it had. Super different from anywhere I'd been before but it was still a really good time. Me and a friend had a long walk back afterwards so we didn't have to pay a cab and my feet weren't happy with me for that the next day.

Birthday People!

The weekend was pretty relaxing, a few of us just had a girls night with some movies and dip, which was exactly what I needed. We watched Silver Linings Playbook, and About Time (MUST SEE). Rachel McAdams is my lady crush, she kills it in every movie. I don't know what it is with her and time travelers though? It kinda stunk missing Mardi Gras because of how big it is here, but it was pouring anyways so I'm really not all that torn up about it.

Australian Footy (in a bowl?)

Sunday I went to Paddy's Market and go-figure the one time I don't put my travel-pass back in my wallet it disappears. There goes $60 I could have spent better. After that I was just mostly relaxing, finishing up homework and reading the Mortal Instrument Series (still can't put it down). To my surprise, one of my roommates came out in crying pain and all of a sudden I had to figure out where and how to get to the closest hospital. I don't think I did too bad in a crisis but going to the hospital just reminded me how much anxiety I get from them. Man I hate being at hospitals. She ended up having to stay the night and she's been there since. She'll be okay, they flushed out her kidney stone now, but it was still terrifying before we knew what was going on.


Monday and Tuesday were the usual, class all day Monday and I interned today. Tuesday nights are my favorite, knowing I have all day Wednesday for whatever I want, which unfortunately never means sleeping in because I still can't do that here! I can't imagine I still have jet-lag, so I've just kind of accepted it.

USA (with a backwards S whoops....)

Cheers Mates!

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