09 March 2014

Lion King, Dugongs, Wax & Margaritas!

This past Thursday I did one of my favorite things since I've arrived- saw the Lion King at Capitol Theatre! (I also interned but who cares about that...) A little background... the Lion King was my childhood obsession, I could watch that movie all day every day and I'd still want more. I've heard amazing things about the Lion King show and I've never seen any so I was really excited for this and it absolutely met my expectations. The acting was great and the music and costumes were phenomenal! The Zazoo character and Simon were fantastic, I couldn't stop laughing. I wish I could have taken pictures, but they weren't allowed. Seeing this show will definitely be one of the things I remember most about being here.

Friday morning came way too soon after the late night from the show and I interned all day until I got home at almost 10 pm. Of course I forgot my kindle at work and need it for my vacation this week so instead of sleeping in Saturday morning I was up at 6am so I could make the 2 hour trek to Hornsby to pick it up and back in time to head to the Aquarium with Jackie and Jackie at 10:30.

Despite the early start to my day, Saturday was absolutely fantastic. Jackie, Jackie and I went to the Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbor and walked through it, and I found one of my new favorite animals! It's called a Dugong and it's really similar to a manatee and so cute. The aquarium has those tunnels that you can walk through and see the fish all around you and the dugong was just hanging out so carelessly, I loved him. We also saw sharks, penguins(!!!) and lots of other fish native to the area.

After that we went to Margaritaville, and had some fantastic margaritas and nachos and quesadillas (don't judge). It was pretty pricey, but really delicious and we hardly ever go out to eat here so it felt worth it to me. With our aquarium passes we also got passed to a bunch of other places in Sydney so we headed to Madame Tussauds Wax House, which was way cooler than I thought it was going to be. It was really eery at first because the figures looked so real! Eventually we got used to it and explored the place seeing lots of cool figures like Obama, Leonardo Dicaprio and Elvis. We relaxed for a bit afterwards before coming back to the harbor to see some fireworks and hang out. Such a good day:)

Tomorrow I'm flying up to Cairns to go to the Great Barrier Reef and Rainforest! I couldn't be more excited. Hope everyone at home had a great time at Blarney Blowout!!

 Happy Spring Break & Cheers Mates!!

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