11 February 2014

& Suddenly when there's a photo opportunity I'm not afraid of snakes (+ other Australian happenings)

Friday’s are definitely not going to be fun days… I wake up at 5 am to get to my internship by 7 and don’t get home until almost 10 pm! Luckily, the day was easy enough because the day wasn’t too busy. I worked on some administrative tasks in the morning and learned how to use ultra sound effectively for muscle activation on patients with stiffness and pain. In the afternoon we learned some taping techniques for a woman with her knee out of place from a previous surgery. After work we went out for drinks as usual before I finally made it home at 9:30. Woo 14-hour days!

Phi Beta Dingo provided us with a trip to the Blue Mountains on Saturday, and it was beautiful. Along the way we stopped at Sydney Olympic Park… for about 5 minutes. It was cool to see all the names of the athletes and outside the stadium where the 2000 Olympic Games took place but it would have been nice to actually look around! We also stopped at Featherdale Wildlife Park and got to play with more animals! Snakes, Kangaroos, Koalas and Crocs! Where’s Steve Irwin when ya need him, right?

When we got to the Blue Mountains the first thing you see is… Naked Women? Statues, mind you, but still! There was a reason or some symbolism behind it, but mostly it was weird. Then we hiked down through the mountains and stopped at some spots where you could see waterfalls or the Three Sisters or just some beautiful views. It was spectacular! And it was good for me to get moving and do some exercise. After the hike we cheated a bit and got a tram back up to the top, which was just as exciting! It felt like a backwards roller coaster, kind of like that one at Six Flags that pulls you back before it drops you (without the actual dropping part). AND I found the coolest cup holder with a koala attached… regretting not buying it. After napping the whole way back we made it out to “Home” and then the Ivy (free wristbands woo) to wrap up the day.

Sunday became the day I got my first real Australian sunburn, and I didn’t even forget to put on sunscreen! I’m just an idiot… You can literally see where I rubbed the sunscreen on my face and then just didn’t fully pull my hands together on my chin… mmm beautiful. My neck, my inner arm and along my bathing suit lines burned. Someone teach me to put on sunscreen like a big girl… Besides that Bondi was beautiful, I wont ever complain about going to the beach in February!

Sydne on Bondi Beach!

I’m already over 3 and a half hour classes and I am seriously impressed by everyone who can do that. Sitting in one room from 9 – 4:15 should be a form of torture. My 2 teachers are also complete opposite, my sociology teacher is a sweet open-minded old lady and my communications teacher is kind of rude, young and stuck in her ways. It’s weird to me that I even have to take classes here, even though I guess that’s why I’m here… oops. On the plus side sushi is really cheap and delicious here and I'll probably buy it for lunch every Monday, $3 rolls ftw.

Sydne Carved into the Blue Mts!

Tuesday is home care for SS&RS so we’re in Botany. We treated a man with rib pain and a man with shoulder problems. It’s really interesting to see how adjusting the pelvic and thoracic region can affect all of the more distal areas of the body. After working with patients we went over three different ways to help to treat a down-slipped disk and I am quickly learning how comfortable you must be being touched and touching other people in the profession of Physio. Working with other students who are also learning is comforting but we are getting very up close and personal. It’s also really interesting to here different techniques from Europe and Asia from the students from Norway, Switzerland and Hong Kong. After we were done our supervisor took us to Watson’s Bay. We discussed next weeks lecture on sports therapy at ACU that he is conducting and we are helping with over lunch.

Overall, I'm settling into my Australian life comfortably. Hopefully the weather clears up from this cloudyiness and rain because this weekend is Learn to Surf Weekend!! Maybe some of my previous balance skills from Gymnastics will help me pick this up, but I’m not holding my breath. 

Here's a Quokka, the cutest little nug ever!!!

Fingers crossed for good weather this weekend, Cheers!!

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