17 February 2014

When in Doubt, Paddle Out! Surf Weekend

G’Day Mates! I don’t actually say that (yet). A lot of people have started to pick up Australian sayings, such as saying “No worries!” in situations where you could say, “you’re welcome”, but I still haven’t because I feel like a poser. Maybe I’m just too self-conscious, or maybe I would still feel like a poser because I’m lacking the accent (UNFORTUNATELY).

Anywho, the rest of last week went by pretty uneventfully. I spent Wednesday attempting to work on some homework, but it went pretty poorly considering this dangle (portable internet connection) works like a piece of crap. I’m looking at you Global Gossip… this was a waste of $50. I vow to never complain about Internet connection at home or 47 Olympia ever again, you can hold me to that.

Thursday I didn’t have my internship like usual because I had class in the morning. We were just informed on the topics we could write our research paper on and different differences in US and Australian work- culture. As my supervisor brilliantly put it… American’s live to work, while Australians work to live. I hope I NEVER live to work that just seems miserable. Get your act together America.

Friday I interned until 2pm which was a nice change from being there until 8pm. I got home and quickly packed before heading off to… SURF CAMP. A group of us headed 3ish hours north to 7 Mile Beach in Gerroa. (My question is why they call it 7 Mile Beach when everything is metric here…)? We got there pretty late and were assigned cabins, which were literally just beds in a room, and went to explore the beach.

Saturday, I was luckily in the 2nd group because the first group had to get up at 6:30 while we got up at 8:30. We had breakfast and then headed out to the beach, where we met our instructors. They all definitely looked and acted the part- long surfer hair and ragging on each other all day. We learned some basics on the sand but they sent us in the water pretty quickly. It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought! Granted we just road straight and the waves were pretty small but still! All I wanted was to stand up and stay on for a little so it was a success.

We went out twice on Saturday, but it was quite a bit rainier in the afternoon and the waves were even smaller, so it was a lot of hanging out in the water relaxing on boards. Showering that afternoon was the best shower I’ve ever taken; I don’t think I’ve ever felt stickier in my life than that day. Later that day we had a BBQ dinner and hung out drinking around the campsite, before heading to a bar in town. It was definitely quieter before we got there, but it was still a lot of fun. Courtney even won $15 and a hat gambling! Then we walked home and headed back to the beach for a bit.

On Sunday we just had a morning lesson and it was raining… again. The waves were huge, though, so much bigger than Saturday. We were all exhausted just from paddling out there, because waves knocked you over so many times to get there. About an hour in a few of us collided from a wave knocking us over... and a surfboard hit me square in the nose. So I feel like I must be a real Aussie now that I got a nice bloody nose from surfing. Anyways, that ended my surfing weekend, we just ate lunch and relaxed until the bus came to pick us up to head home around 3pm. It was an exhausting weekend, but easily my favorite one yet. I’m still pretty sore, but at least I don’t have a broken nose!

Today, I had class. I watched the same movie in both my classes, so that should tell you how my classes are going… YAWN.

Cheers Mates! (I still feel silly…)

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