21 February 2014

The Weekly Grind

Even though you can't see them, these pants are awesome
I've officially been here for a month! It's kind of crazy, I feel like I just got here and a third of my time in this beautiful country is already up. I have so much to look forward to still while I'm here, but it's hard to not be wishing for it when I know I'm wishing the time away. It's been really nice to just be enjoying day to day life.

This week was a bit more relaxed than previously because I didn't have to wake up at 5am on Thursday and Friday (hallelujah!) Tuesday was a regular day at the practice at Mike's* house. We had three patients and then a little lesson on the lumbar spine. It was someones birthday so a few of us went to a bar down the street that night. Syd and I played pool and absolutely killed it. Just kidding, we were awful, but I mean we won two games because other people scratched on the 8 ball and a wins a win!

The weather here has been kinda eh this week and Wednesday was no exception, it absolutely poured most of the day. I had gone to a little cafe to use the WIFI and work on homework but the WIFI there stunk too, go figure. But it was raining and I wasn't walking home in the rain so after I struggled through some homework on that awful connection I just read  for most of the afternoon, it was really relaxing and a nice change of pace. Later that night, we got sushi, and I finally learned how to use chopsticks!! Jackie you're the best. That was probably my biggest accomplishment of this week. 

Even pretty when its raining

Thursday and Friday, instead of going into the practice, Mike* was running a course on getting your Level 1 sports trainer certification at ACU. We helped out during it but still, it was boooooring. And it actually got me to thinking, "hey do you really wanna do this stuff forever?" And ya know what, I dont! So now I'm having a mini life crisis because when I go home I'm a senior in college... let me repeat that, A SENIOR IN COLLEGE! As if that isn't enough to give me major anxiety, now I dont know what I want to do afterwards. I was planning on apply to PT school this summer but now I'm not so sure. Ugh, don't make me be an adult.

On a happier note, Thursday night a bunch of us went to Ivy for Kaitlyn's 21st birthday and it was ton of fun. I've been feeling majorly gross from living off pasta the whole time I'm here, so it was good to get moving and dance and hopefully burn off some of the calories. We finally don't have anything planned for us this weekend so it was awesome to sleep in and have a whole weekend for whatever I want to do! It's really hard to have me time here, we're always going going going, so resting this weekend is going to be glorious :).

Cheers Mates!

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