06 August 2013

Dog Lessons

Cooper is a lot to handle. I think having him may really prepare me for parenthood someday because he's my child. My 125 pound 1-year-old child. When I got him last summer, it was a huge wakeup call to me life because he needed me ALL THE TIME. To feed him, to play with him, to remind him that the kitchen floor is not your potty. Gosh, I was a mess. I hardly slept, I got frustrated, and to top it off my older dog and Cooper stopped getting along! Can you say zoo? That's what it was at my household. Despite the roughness of last summer, I would never want to get rid of Cooper, he is my best friend. I've learned a lot from the little (ahem *big*) bugger.

1. When you're happy, show it! Wag that tail, people love to know that they've made you happy.

2. Sometime all anyone needs is someone to sit next to them and snuggle with your head on them.

3. When you gotta go, you gotta go, ain't nobody benefiting from you holding it. (I already knew this one, #smallbladderproblems)

4. The best way to get to know someone is to sniff them. (Okay, don't do that, but you know right away that you don't wanna be around someone who stinks.)

5. Greet people with enthusiasm, it will make their day.

6. Going for a walk can make your whole day better. *Exercise is good!

7. Jumping up and down whenever you please can get you hurt or cause you to fall on the stairs.

8. Nipping people makes them not want to be around you.

9. Not all roommates get along, but it's easier when they do. (ahem Cooper and Mac.)

10. Sometimes, all someone needs is someone to listen to them without talking back.

"Look how good I sit, Mom"

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