29 August 2013

Life Overload.

Have you ever noticed how hardly anyone ever does just one thing at a time anymore? Sit down and try to name 5 times you've recently only concentrated on JUST ONE thing at a time. Personally, I myself can't think of too many times. With the fast paced world we live in now, almost anything is literally a click of a mouse away. It's made it so its literally impossible for me to just sit down and veg in front of the TV. My mind just doesn't seem to be occupied enough. No wonder I'm always so tired, life overload on the brain!

Right now, for instance, I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress, writing this blog post, playing Candy Crush (gosh darn I finally fell victim to this stupid game…) and texting Stephen. That's A LOT of things going on in mah noggin'.

I just always think of Finding Nemo when I say noggin'

Anyways, I feel like that's so counterproductive. Not that I'm really doing anything productive, but the whole point of multi-tasking is to be more efficient am I right? And doing 7 million things at once for me is so not efficient. Why? I'm not totally paying attention to anything right now. I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress but as soon as I get an idea of something to write or a commercial comes on I'm onto the next thing. If I have a brain fart I go to send Stephen a text. If nothing else is going on, I continue trying to beat level 44 of Candy Crush. Have I beat level 44 yet? Have I finished this blog post? Have I payed any attention to the 58 dresses the girls have tried on? Have I been timely in answering my messages?

We have a unanimous… NO.

Oops I just wasted 4 hours of my life that I'll never get back

When I'm at school, I'm pretty nerdy, I like to try and get my homework done pretty much when it's assigned and keep up with it. I don't know how everyone else can stay up 'til 3 am writing a paper in one night multiple times a week and go out every night. This girl right here cherishes her sleep. Anywho, I digress.

So, since most of my homework is now online, or internet based what do I do with my homework? Pop open a Facebook window, open up Twitter, check the bloglovin' page. Do you know how long my homework takes me? Hours!! I read somewhere that every time you switch away from your work to check Twitter or Facebook it takes your brain 20 minutes to re-focus on the task at hand. Aside from the time you're actually reading tweets or scrolling your newsfeed, that's 3 checks to an extra hour of work for me! I could use that for something I need time for, like a nap!

For those readers who may not be in school here's my last example of why multi-tasking is (usually) one giant fail (or maybe I'm just a giant fail but who's checking right?). One time I was making myself dinner while reading something online, and had some movie I wanted to watch on in the background. (Side note… by making dinner I mean putting an easy mac in the microwave). You're thinking: Easy Mac is pretty hard to mess up, right? Ohhhh noooo how wrong you can be. Because my focus was elsewhere I simply pulled the plastic top off the Easy Mac and stuck it in the microwave. Weellll, little 'ol me forgot the only step of Easy Mac AKA--> Put water in the cup…. Moral of the story: pay attention when making easy mac or you will have a pile of poop-like looking goop in your microwave, a smoke-filled kitchen, and a loud fire alarm annoying your neighbors.

I couldn't find the picture I took of the mess but you get the point...

So, do you buy into my theory? Or am I just doing this multi-tasking thing all wrong?

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